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Linked Archives workshop (Session 2)

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DIPRAL workshop (Session 2)

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Roberto di Cosmo

Keynote Roberto di Cosmo

Title: Should we preserve the world’s software history, and can we?  

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Session 1: Web Archiving

Session chair: José Borbinha

Robots Still Outnumber Humans in Web Archives, But Less Than Before (Nominated for the best paper award)

Himarsha Jayanetti, Kritika Garg, Sawood Alam, Michael Nelson and Michele Weigle

A Chromium-based Memento-aware Web Browser

Abby Mabe, Michael Nelson and Michele Weigle

CDX Summary: Web Archival Collection Insights

Sawood Alam and Mark Graham

Visual Web Archive Quality Assessment

Theresa Elstner, Johannes Kiesel, Lars Meyer, Max Martius, Sebastian Schmidt, Benno Stein and Martin Potthast

Creating Structure in Web Archives With Collections: Different Concepts From Web Archivists

Himarsha Jayanetti, Shawn Jones, Martin Klein, Alex Osborne, Paul Koerbin, Michael Nelson and Michele Weigle


Booster Session 1: 10 papers (3min each)

Session chair: Esteban Gonzalez

Automatic Knowledge Extraction from a Digital Library and Collaborative Validation

Eleonora Bernasconi, Miguel Ceriani, Massimo Mecella and Alberto Morvillo

Poster ID: 1

Holistic Graph-based Representation and AI for Digital Library Management

Stefano Ferilli

Poster ID: 2

Optimizing the digitization workflow of heritage institutions to increase quality of digitized texts

Mirjam Cuper and Sarah d'Huys

Poster ID: 3

Exploring LSTMs for Simulating Search Sessions in Digital Libraries

Sebastian Günther, Paul Göttert and Matthias Hagen

Poster ID: 4

BetterPR: A Dataset for Estimating the Constructiveness of Peer Review Comments

Prabhat Kumar Bharti, Tirthankar Ghosal, Mayank Agrawal and Asif Ekbal

Poster ID: 5

OpenDMP: orchestrating Data Management processes in research ecosystems

Elli Papadopoulou, Georgios Kakaletris, Diamantis Tziotzios and Natalia Manola

Poster ID: 6

Got 404s? Crawling and Analyzing an Institution’s Web Domain

Martin Klein and Lyudmila Balakireva

Poster ID: 7

BookSampo Fiction Literature Knowledge Graph Revisited: Building a Faceted Search Interface with Seamlessly Integrated Data-analytic Tools

Eero Hyvönen, Annastiina Ahola and Esko Ikkala

Poster ID: 8

Session 2: Cultural Heritage

Enriching the Greek National Cultural Aggregator with Key Figures in Greek History and Culture: Challenges, Methodology, Tools and Outputs

Haris Georgiadis, Agathi Papanoti, Elena Lagoudi, Georgia Angelaki, Nikos Vasilogamvrakis, Alexia Panagopoulou and Evi Sachini

Searching Wartime Photograph Archive for Serious Leisure Purposes

Sanna Kumpulainen and Hille Ruotsalainen

Overview visualizations for large digitized correspondence collections: a design study

Laura Swietlicki and Pierre Cubaud

The Knowledge Trust: A Proposal for a Blockchain Consortium for Digital Archives

Harry Halpin

Design and evaluation of a mobile application for an Italian UNESCO site: Padova Urbs picta

Daniel Zilio and Nicola Orio

Coffee Break

Session 3: Scholarly communication I

Session chair: Andrea Mannocci

Investigations on Meta Review Generation From Peer Review Texts Leveraging Relevant Sub-tasks in the Peer Review Pipeline

Asheesh Kumar, Tirthankar Ghosal, Saprativa Bhattacharjee and Asif Ekbal

Whois? Deep Author Name Disambiguation using Bibliographic Data&nsbp;(Nominated for the best paper award)

Zeyd Boukhers and Nagaraj Bahubali Asundi

Exploring research fields through institutional contributions to academic journals

Tove Faber Frandsen and Jeppe Nicolaisen

A Closer Look into Collaborative Publishing at Software-Engineering Conferences

Rand Alchokr, Jacob Krüger, Yusra Shakeel, Gunter Saake and Thomas Leich

Weighted Altmetric Scores to Facilitate Literature

Yusra Shakeel, Abhisar Bharti, Thomas Leich and Gunter Saake

Poster Session 1

Session chair: Gianmaria Silvello

Social Dinner

The social dinner will be held at Caffè Pedrocchi, Via VIII Febbraio, 15, 35122 Padova PD  

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Georgia Koutrika

Keynote Georgia Koutrika

Title: Democratizing Data Access: What if we could just talk to our data?  

Coffee Break

Session 4: FAIR and Open Data

Session chair: Zeyd Boukhers

RDFtex: Knowledge Exchange between LaTeX-based Research Publications and Scientific Knowledge Graphs

Leon Martin and Andreas Henrich

Analysing User Involvement in Open Government Data Initiatives

Dagoberto Jose Herrera-Murillo, Abdul Aziz, Javier Nogueras-Iso and Francisco Javier Lopez-Pellicer

Conducting the Opera: The Evolution of the RDA Work to the Share-VDE Opus and BIBFRAME Hub

Ian Bigelow

Ontology-based metadata integration for Oral History Interviews

Maria Vrachliotou and Christos Papatheodorou

Making FAIR Practices Accessible and Attractive

Lyudmila Balakireva and Fedor Balakirev


Booster Session 2: 10 papers (3min each)

Session chair: Gianmaria Silvello

Solutions for data sharing and storage: a comparative analysis of data repositories

Joana Rodrigues and Carla Teixeira Lopes

Poster ID: 9

LOD that picture: leveraging Linked Open Data to enhance navigation of the photographic archive of the Teatro Comunale of Bologna

Andrea Schimmenti and Paolo Bonora

Poster ID: 10

MedSeer: A Medical Controversial Information Retrieval System Based On Credible Sources

Dina Sayed, Mohamed Nour and Heiko Schuldt

Poster ID: 11

Referency: Harmonizing citations in transdisciplinary scholarly literature

Elisa Bastianello, Alessandro Adamou and Nikos Minadakis

Poster ID: 12

A Study of the Grammacographical Textual Genre Across Time

Silvia Muzzupappa and Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio

Poster ID: 13

A Methodology for the Management of Contact Languages Data. The Case Study of the Jews of Corfu

Georgios Vardakis and Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio

Poster ID: 14

SurvAnnT: Facilitating Community-led Scientific Surveys and Annotations

Anargiros Tzerefos, Ilias Kanellos, Serafeim Chatzopoulos, Theodore Dalamagas and Thanasis Vergoulis

Poster ID: 15

Mapping STI ecosystems via Open Data: overcoming the limitations of conflicting taxonomies. A case study for Climate Change Research in Denmark

Nicandro Bovenzi, Nicolau Duran Silva, Francesco Alessandro Massucci, Francesco Multari and Josep Pujol-Llatse

Poster ID: 16

Session 5: Scholarly communication II

Session chair: Elisa Bastianello

The way we cite: common metadata used across disciplines for defining bibliographic references

Erika Alves dos Santos, Silvio Peroni and Marcos Luiz Mucheroni

The Rise of GitHub in Scholarly Publications

Emily Escamilla, Martin Klein, Talya Cooper, Vicky Rampin, Michele Weigle and Michael L. Nelson

Cui Bono? Cumulative Advantage in Open Access Publishing

David Pride, Matteo Cancellieri and Petr Knoth

Structured references from PDF articles: assessing the tools for bibliographic reference extraction and parsing

Alessia Cioffi and Silvio Peroni

The SSH Data Citation Service, a tool to explore and collect citation metadata

Cesare Concordia, Nicolas Larrousse and Edward Gray

Coffee Break

Session 6: Text Analysis and extraction

Session chair: Hermann Kroll

Declarative text analysis through SQL (Nominated for the best paper award)

Yannis Foufoulas, Eleni Zacharia, Harry Dimitropoulos, Natalia Manola and Yannis Ioannidis

Figure and Figure Caption Extraction for Mixed Raster and Vector PDFs: Digitization of Astronomical Literature with OCR Features

Jill Naiman, Peter Williams and Alyssa Goodman

Extracting funder information from scientific papers - experiences with question answering

Jonas Mielck, Timo Borst, Wolfgang Riese and Matthias Nannt

MINE – Workspace as a Service for Text Analysis

Triet Ho Anh Doan, Sven Bingert and Péter Király

Early Experiments on Automatic Annotation of Portuguese Medieval Texts

Maria Inês Bico, Jorge Baptista, Fernando Batista and Esperança Cardeira

Poster Session 2

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Session 7: Open Science

Session chair: Giorgio Maria Di Nunzio

FAIROs: Towards FAIR assessment in Research Objects

Esteban González Guardia, Daniel García Verdejo and Alejandro Benitez

Event Notifications in Value-Adding Networks

Patrick Hochstenbach, Herbert Van de Sompel, Miel Vander Sande, Ruben Dedecker and Ruben Verborgh

Developing the EOSC-Pillar RDM Training and Support Catalogue

Paula Oset Garcia, Lisana Berberi, Leonardo Candela, Inge Van Nieuwerburgh, Emma Lazzeri and Marie Czuray

"Knock knock! Who's there?" A study on scholarly repositories' availability

Andrea Mannocci, Miriam Baglioni and Paolo Manghi

Enabling Portability and Reusability of Open Science Infrastructures

Giuseppe Grieco, Ivan Heibi, Arcangelo Massari, Arianna Moretti and Silvio Peroni

Coffee Break

Session 8: NLP and Reccomendation

Session chair: Silvio Peroni

Implementation and evaluation of a multilingual search pilot in the Europeana digital library

Mónica Marrero and Antoine Isaac

Improving Accessibility to Arabic ETDs using Automatic Classification

Eman Abdelrahman and Edward Fox

B!SON: A Tool for Open Access Journal Recommendation

Elias Entrup, Anita Eppelin, Ralph Ewerth, Josephine Hartwig, Marco Tullney, Michael Wohlgemuth and Anett Hoppe

Simulating User Querying Behavior using Embedding Space Alignment

Saber Zerhoudi and Michael Granitzer

Automatic Generation of Coherent Image Galleries in Virtual Reality

Simon Peterhans, Loris Sauter, Florian Spiess and Heiko Schuldt


Session 9: Research and CH Data

Analyzing the Web: Are Top Websites Lists a Good Choice for Research?

Tom Alby and Robert Jäschke

Analysis of the deletions of DOIs: What factors undermine their persistence and to what extent?

Jiro Kikkawa, Masao Takaku and Fuyuki Yoshikane

Implementation Issues for a Highly Structured Research Report

Robert Allen

PH-remix prototype. A non relational approach for exploring AI-generated content in audiovisual archives

Chiara Mannari, Davide Italo Serramazza and Enrica Salvatori

On Dimensions of Plausibility for Narrative Information Access to Digital Libraries

Hermann Kroll, Niklas Mainzer and Wolf-Tilo Balke

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